Royal Grand Chapter, OES-PHA Annual Grand Session
February 27-29, 2020
Theme: Empowering Leadership


On behalf of the Arkansas Royal Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star-PHA, I, Grand Matron Flora J. Simon welcome you to our 135th Annual Grand Session to be held on February 27-29, 2020.  The Grand Session will be held at the Royal Grand Chapter in Pine Bluff, AR.  Please register early and make lodging arrangements as soon as possible.  Our theme this year is "Empowering Leadership." Grand Patron Johhny Carolina and I look forward to seeing you all there and assisting in making this a wonderful and joyous occasion.  If you have any questions, please contact the Grand Lodge at 870.534.5467.

Chapter Registration


This registration will cover the admittance of the Worthy Matron to the meeting.  If an emergency occurs and the Worthy Matron cannot attend, the associate matron can use her registration.  Written documentation must be sent to the Grand Matron stating the emergency.  MATRONS YOUR ARE TO ATTEND THE ENTIRE SESSION.  MANY OF YOU ARE LEAVING AFTER LUNCH.  That must end.

This form and the fee must be returned on or before January 15, 2020 to: Grand Matron Flora Simon, 2906 East Harding Ave, Pine Bluff, AR 71601

Reminder! NO chapter members can register until the chapter registration fee is paid. Membership registration forms will not be mailed until the chapter registration is received.

Member Registration

Pre-Registration Deadline:  February 7, 2020

Pre-Registration Fee:  $80.00 – Register early (Gala and banquet tickets are included in this fee)

On-Site and Late Registration Fee:  $95.00 (No banquet ticket guaranteed for on-site registrations) 

Registration must be in the mail box on February 7, 2020 or hand delivered on that day to the Grand Chapter office.  The OES Secretary office is open on Tuesdays. Registration postmarked February 7, 2020 will be considered late. 

Mail Form and Fee to: ROYAL GRAND CHAPTER | P.O. BOX 7606| PINE BLUFF, AR  71611

A Worthy Patron can register with the OES and use that registration to attend Grand Lodge meeting, but not in reverse. ALL members must wear registration badges.


Thursday, 2/27:

10:00 AM - All grand chapter elected and appointed officers, hostess and registration committee (OES Chapter Room)

3:00-5:00PM - Registration (OES Foyer)

6:15 PM - Begin lining up for Memorial Service (Chapter Room)

7:00 PM - Memorial Services  (Grand Lodge)

**After memorial service, District 5 Deputies and Worthy Matrons will host a reception for visitors

**After memorial service, Marshals and Conductresses meeting (Chapter Room)

Friday, 2/28:

7:00 AM - Registration (OES Foyer)

8:30 AM - Official Business Session

10:45 AM - Official Opening

7:00 PM - CN Toney Annual Trustee Banquet (Grand Lodge)

**Extra ticket - $30.00 each

Saturday, 2/29:

7:00 AM - Registration (OES Foyer)

7:15 AM - New Matrons and Patrons Administrative Degree (Blue & White OES Room)

9:00 AM - Grand Master Cleveland Wilson's Address | Reports and Elections

6:30 PM - RGC Gala Night | Dinner and entertainment sponsored by District 7 South (Grand Lodge)

Theme:  "Blues on the River"  (Casual dress; pants are allowed, including jeans.

Absolutely no shorts, or leggings – not even worn with boots!

**Extra ticket - $15.00 each

Invite family and friends to the Memorial Service, Banquet, and Gala.  These events are open to the public and can be a great recruitment tool.

Meeting and Event Attire

All white and full regalia both days.  If you do not have regalia, wear your chapter badge on the five color side.

For the memorial service, the dress is white and full regalia with white prayer cap.  Local officers and members are to wear regalia.

  • Gala Night: Casual dress, pants allowed which includes jeans.  Absolutely no shorts or leggings (not even worn with boots).
  • Elected and appointed officers: Will wear long (to the ankles) dresses on Friday. On Saturday, they may wear long or mid-length dresses.  No officer will wear short white.
  • Members: All dresses and skirts must be at or below the knee.  All white boots are allowed.
  • No head wear or hair bows.
  • White gloves are required, and jewelry is all white or wear white pearls.

Improperly dressed members identified to me will be asked out of the chapter room to redress properly before returning.

Miscelleanous Information

Choir Practice: Thursday at 3 pm (2/27).  Please come and join the choir; also invite the brothers to join and sing.

Seating:  Worthy matron, patrons, and district deputy grand matrons will sit on the north side of the room in the front section. Visitors will sit up front on the south side of the room.  Choir members will sit on the south side near the piano.

Car Raffle Tickets: The first ticket report is to be made by January 31. All remaining ticket reports are be into the PHGL office by February 16, 2020.  Please send the stubs with the money.  If for some reason, you need to make a report after that date, turn in the report on Thursday, February 27 by 12 noon. OES chapters should not be returning tickets. Sale or buy the tickets!

Mortgage Commitment: Some chapters did not make the $300 special donation to the mortgage.  In 2019, you asked for additional time and I gave it to you.  The absolute deadline is February 26, 2020.  These chapters will receive a personal reminder as to when the fees are due.  You have had plenty of time to respond financially.  You had one full year to prepare to make this donation

In 2020, All Worthy Matrons, local and state officers are expected to support the mortgage program.  That means you are to make a personal contribution as soon as you can before June 30, 2020.  If you have already made one, I thank and commend you for your support.

Policy and Procedural Manuals and New Burial Rituals:  All members are required to have an official copy of the procedural manual.  They are $5.00.  Bring an extra $5 to Grand Session to purchase one.  If ordered by mail, it will cost you $6.50 to cover the postage.  The newly revised Burial Rituals (2016) will be available at Grand Chapter for $3.00.  Other items will be on sale also.


Members: Contact Pat Jones ( 870-413-9481) to reserve a room.  When she assigns you the reservation number, you must call the hotel immediately and reserve it with your credit card or it will be reassigned to someone else.

These room will be held at these rates until February 4, then they will be released to the general public for regular rates.

Comfort Inn and Suites Pine Bluff: 870-879-3800 | 3620 S Camden Rd | Pine Bluff, AR 71603 | I-530, exit #43 @ Wal-Mart (7.7 miles to the Masonic Temple).  $84.99 + tax

Hampton Inn and Suites Pine Bluff: 870-850-7488 | 511 Mallard Loop | Pine Bluff, AR 71602 | I-530, exit #43 @ Wal-Mart (3 miles to the Masonic Temple).  $119 + tax

Super 8 White Hall: 870-247-8288 | 1 Hospitality Lane | White Hall, AR, exit #34 off I-530 (about 15 miles to the Masonic Temple)  This area has lots of fast food restaurants.  $70-$105 + tax, depending on room size.

Special Notes:

  • Hotels may limit the number of rooms one person can reserve without a deposit.
  • All members are responsible for making and confirming room reservations with a credit card.

Make your reservations now, rooms will fill up fast!  Also, check with other members and see if they have already reserved extra rooms. 

2020 Registraion Exemptions

If you have any questions with the registration exemptions, please contact Grand Matron Flora Simon.

For More Information....

Please contact the Grand Lodge at: 870.534.5467 or email