Grand Master Cleveland K. Wilson
Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge
Jurisdiction of Arkansas, F.&A.M.

Where the winds of the east, carries the air across 33,000 miles of pristine wilderness, mountains, and untouched forest.  On the outermost base of the Ouachita Mountains.  The Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arkansas is erected in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Greetings, my name is Cleveland K. Wilson and I proudly serve as Grand Master of the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge Jurisdiction of Arkansas, F.&A.M.  On behalf of the Arkansas Jurisdiction, I would like to welcome you to our website! You will find this website to be very informative. Thank you very much for visiting our website and God bless you!"

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Our Arkansas History

Freemasonry came to Arkansas in 1869 via Reverend Moses A. Dickinson, an AME Circuit Rider, also Grand Lecturer for the newly established Grand Lodge of Missouri.  Arriving at Helena Crossing in Phillips County Arkansas, his first contact was Reverend William H. Grey, also an AME minister.  Soon, Alexander Lodge was set up, with James Alexander the first Worshipful Master.

Today, the membership, while a fraction of the total in earlier days, is an active membership, and will continue to uphold the principles as espoused by the founder, Prince Hall.  Its members are found in all walks of life, doing those things that help to uplift the status of Black people around the state and the world.  Freemasonry has been good to Black people, allowing them an outlet for their social and civic notions and actions.


In Mission

Social:  The social aspect involves the tithing of time, not just for the Mason but also for his immediate family. He also might consider social activities that include his children; are there social activities that include them as well? Do they have a good time in a safe environment?

Psychological: This is where growth comes in. Growth involves learning the lessons Masonry has for its votaries, so they can be wiser, better, and happier. A question more and more Masons ask themselves is; does my Lodge teach them to those who want to know? A motto, (or favorite saying) of Freemasonry is; ‘We take in good men and make them better.’

Spiritual: This involves being involved; being able to contribute our talents. Freemasons tend to be men who like meaningful participation; being able to use their talents in a way that will be helpful to the groups they are members of.

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