Youth Fraternity

Grand Juvenile Matron: Cheryl Moragne, #362, North Little Rock
Grand Juvenile Patron: Sylvester Redix SR., #424, Pine Bluff
Assistant Grand Juvenile Matron: Yolander Brown, #364, Winchester
Grand Juvenile Matron Supervisor: Jeannette McFadden, #19, Texarkana
Pearls of Love State Director: Yolander Brown, #364, Winchester
Pearls of Love Assistant Director: LaWanda Sykes, #348, Dermott
Pearls of Love State Supervisor: Della Horace, Electa #5, Pine Bluff

Youth Department

In 1899, the Youth Department was formed under the recommendation of Grand Patron J.E. Peake.  The youth department was organized for the purpose of training children of Masonic families in the spirit of Masonry.  Later, around 1913, with forty-seven youth fraternities the youth were given time during the grand session for a program.  In 1926, the educational program was instituted with the creation of the oratorical contest for a $50.00 scholarship.  In 1926, the office of Grand Matron of the Youth Fraternity was created and the organization began to flourish.  In 1952, the Grand Youth Fraternity as organized.  The first Grand Matron of the Youth Department on record is H. E. Carolina, 1938.  The second is S. V. Rice, 1939.  The first Grand Juvenile Matron was Mrs. D.E. Cook of Little Rock, 1949.

Under Grand Matron Inghram, the youth oratorical contest prizes increased; the scholarship fund was set up as a separate account and to follow the first place winners for four years; added was a four year scholarship to the youth with the highest scholastic average and good citizenship rating.  The contest later expanded to include vocal solos, instrumental solos, as well as recitations and orations.  All music was to be classical, or semi classical as to encourage the participants to have increased interest in cultivation their various talents.

Shirley W. Ingraham Youth Scholarship

Chair: Yolander Brown, #364 Winchester
Vice-Chair: TaWanya Thompson, #5, Pine Bluff
Blondie Bradley, #190, Ozan-Clow
Elois Cook, #425, Little Rock

How to Apply...

The Royal Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star, PHA is awarding five $700 Scholarships for the 2024 school year. The scholarships are one-time awards and are nonrenewable. Two will be awarded to high school graduates or a GED graduate, and three scholarships will be awarded to students currently enrolled in one of the following: a vocational program, two year, or four year institution of higher learning. Applicants do not have to be members of the Order of the Eastern Star nor have relatives that are members, but must be a graduate of a public school in Arkansas.

The deadline to apply is June 30, 2024.

Scholarship Recipients


  • No Applicants.


  • $600 Per Semester - Jarrius Burgess | Arkansas State, Jonesboro
  • $500 Per Semester - Breanna Kilgore | University of AR, Fayetteville
  • $500 Per Semester - Sydni Cook | University of Central Arkansas, Conway
  • $500 Per Semester - Jessica Nunn | Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri


  • $600 - Jarrius Burgess | Arkansas State
  • $600 - Moesha Williams | University of Central Arkansas
  • $500 - Neka Hunter | University of AR at Little Rock
  • $500 - Javonte Livingston |University of AR at Monticello
  • $500 - Chandler Henderson | Howard University
  • $300 - Iesha Williams | University of Central Arkansas


  • $600 - Jarrius Burgess | Arkansas State
  • $600 - Moesha Williams | University of Central Arkansas
  • $500 - Neka Hunter | University of AR at Little Rock
  • $500 - Javonte Livingston |University of AR at Monticello
  • $500 - Kayla Tillman | Phillips County Community College
  • $300 - Iesha Williams | University of Central Arkansas